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Storm Damage Claims: Under Pay, Delay, Deny

Do you have a storm damage insurance claim that you’ve reported to the insurance company? Don’t be an actuarial statistic. Without a claim expert or public adjuster, many insurance companies depend on any one, if not all, of the under pay, delay, deny or defend tactics to keep settlement proceeds in their bank and out of your pocket. Read more


What’s the Difference Between Public Adjuster & Insurance Adjuster

Understanding the Difference Can Make a Huge Impact on a Homeowner or Commercial Insurance Claim

Carrying insurance coverage is a necessary evil if you’re a property owner. It’s not exactly pleasant to consider how much the premiums you pay add up to over the course of several years or decades—money that could easily have Read more


Understanding Your Options Fire Damage Repair or Fire Damage Repair: You Have Options.

There’s nothing more devastating than recovering from fire damage. Not only have so many of your cherished things been completely destroyed, but what’s left is often covered in soot and/or the haunting smell of smoke—a continuous reminder of the atrocity you’ve somehow managed to survive.
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Fire Insurance Claims Tips

The fire insurance claim process is inherently complex. To make matters worse, insurance companies often cut corners or misdiagnose the full cost to repair a property. By nature, fire claims require attention to detail during the claim process. Trusting homeowners and business owners blindly follow the lead of the insurance company’s claim adjuster at their own expense. This often results in delays, low settlements and even denied fire insurance claims. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Follow these fire insurance claim tips complied by our experienced public adjusters which will help ensure a fast and accurate claim settlement for you.
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Hiring Professional Insurance Claim Help in Florida: What to Know

"The Claim Process Sucks!"

We’ve heard it over and over. You’ve suffered some type of insured property loss like fire damage or water damage in your home or business. It’s a big hassle. You decide that you’re in over your head. The claim process is consuming your spare time and the claim adjuster assigned by the insurance company isn’t giving your claim the attention it deserves. You’re frustrated, confused, overwhelmed and ready to hire professional claim help from a public adjuster. Where do you start and who do you hire to alleviate your claim headache?
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Fire Claim Help: General Contractors versus Fire Damage Adjusters

If you’ve filed an insurance claim for fire damage you’ve likely been approached by many people and companies offering fire claim help. One of the most important things you need to know is who can and cannot offer claim help and negotiate your claim.

General contractors and fire damage adjusters, or public adjusters, provide vastly different services. Each is licensed, credentialed and trained differently. Having your loss mishandled by someone who is not licensed or qualified will undoubtedly complicate the fire claim process and could jeopardize the final outcome of your claim.
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Fire Damage Claims : How to Compile Your Personal Property Inventory

Fire damage to your home and the subsequent fire insurance claim process can be the most difficult type of claim to deal with due to the nature and scope of loss. The personal property portion of the claim offers no relief as many claimants struggle to recount and organize a comprehensive list of damaged items or worse, they allow their insurance company adjuster or third party vendor to handle that portion of the claim. As such, this part of the fire claim process is usually the most mismanaged and comes at a high cost to the claimant.
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Choosing an Independent Insurance Appraiser

The insurance appraisal process for homeowner claims and business claims can be an effective and efficient avenue through which insurance claim disputes be settled. Choosing an independent insurance appraiser to represent your claim will be the most important choice during the appraisal process. Your selection should be strategically and carefully considered because it could mean the difference between having enough money to rebuild and restore your property, or not.

So what qualifications should you look for when choosing an insurance appraiser to ensure the most favorable outcome for your claim? Read more


Pro Tips from Flood & Water Insurance Claim Adjusters in Tampa

The recent flooding throughout Tampa Bay has caused significant flood damage to homes and businesses. Many property owners will likely engage the insurance claim process help to obtain the funds necessary to restore their homes or business to pre-loss conditions.

Filing this type of insurance claim requires a necessary steps to ensure the best and quickest settlement. Our flood and water insurance claim adjusters in Tampa have complied the following tips that every claimant can utilize without the professional help of a public adjuster. Read more


Tips : Recoverable Depreciation in Fire Insurance Claim Process

Our office receives calls weekly from policyholders who are upset, confused and frustrated with their fire insurance claims. While some people are fed up with the insurance claim process and are ready to hire a public adjuster, others take advantage of the tips and tactics we provide on how to settle their claims without hired professional help.

Many of the issues we hear about consistently pertain to recoverable depreciation with the personal property portion of a fire claim. More specifically, contents claims for smoke and fire damage are often mismanaged and the topic of recoverable depreciation can be the first sign of trouble for the policyholder. Read more