How to Get a Fair Settlement on a Fire Damage Claim

Fire Damage Insurance ClaimThe aftermath of a fire leaves most people feeling overwhelmed. As a result, people often give up on their claim and settle for pennies on the dollar during  the fire damage insurance claim process. Stay the course! The tips below will give you the best shot at getting a fair settlement on a fire damage claim.

Act Quick on Your Fire Damage Claim

Filing a fire damage insurance claim probably seems like a daunting task. It is, but it’s important that you start the process immediately. Call your insurance company to report your fire damage. The sooner you get the ball rolling, the sooner you’ll be able to start repairs.

Create a folder to keep track of all the documents associated with your claim. For instance, this folder should contain receipts and a log of all communication that pertains to your claim. Details matter! The more you can include in your folder, the better chance you willhave at securing a fair settlement.

[pullquote]Document and date all correspondence you have with your insurance company and adjuster.[/pullquote]

Document The Details

More is better when it comes to insurance claim documentation. You should anticipate that your insurance company will question everything. Therefore, have all your evidence ready to back up your claim.

Check for Contractor Licenses and Insurance

You’ll want to get a few estimates from contractors to get a realistic idea of how much repairs will cost. In addition, make sure the contractors with whom you’re speaking are licensed and insured.  We suggest getting  your insurance company’s approval before starting any repair work, because they might deny unauthorized repairs.

Keep Tabs for a Fair Fire Damage Settlement

In conclusion, a fire damage claim should settle within 90-120 days. Make sure you get the right amount that you’re owed in a timely manner. If you’re having trouble and need help fighting back, you might consider hiring a public adjuster to have your back.

How to Get a Fair Settlement on Your Fire Damage Claim
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How to Get a Fair Settlement on Your Fire Damage Claim
Dealing with a fire damage insurance claim? The public adjusters at Insurance Claims Consultants in Tampa, Florida share some must-know tips.
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