Overwhelmed with Paperwork?

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If you’ve ever tried to tackle the insurance claims process on your own, you might have discovered that it was difficult and confusing. Since the claims process is far from simple, we’ve assembled some resources here that we think will help you better understand and navigate the process.

Insurance Claim 101

Should I Hire Public Adjuster?

Filing a homeowner insurance claim or business claim often involves processes and procedures that are unfamiliar and complex.

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Insurance Claims Process

Property owners who have a claim for property damage should know that two approaches to the insurance claim process exist. One process is driven…

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Proof of Loss Help

The Proof of Loss could be the most significant document you submit to your insurance company. The accuracy of the information you submit and WHEN you…

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Why Use a Public Adjuster

Public adjusters specialize in representing YOUR side of the claim. An experienced public adjuster has the expertise, contacts and resources needed…

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Case Studies

How did a Houston police officer deal with an adversarial claims adjuster and win a claim increase of more than $29,000 ?…

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