Claim Help for Hire – Is a Public Adjuster The Right Choice?

Why Should Hire Public Adjuster

For many policyholders, filing a homeowner insurance claim or business claim can be an unfamiliar and complex process. Filing a claim can also be time-consuming, causing many claimants to consider hiring a public adjuster to alleviate some of the difficulties in the often-arduous insurance claim process.

An article published on CNN Money explains a bit about the storm damage insurance claim process, while also supporting the idea that hiring a public adjuster could be the right decision in many situations.

Most states allow claimants to employ an insurance adjuster of their own to document and negotiate property insurance claims, but there are situations when it doesn’t make financial or practical sense to bring in a public adjuster.

When Not to Hire a Public Adjuster

A public adjuster can be useful for navigating a number of different types of claims, such as a fire insurance claim, a water damage claim, a storm damage claim or any other insured type of property claim.

However, there are cases in which it may not make financial sense to bring in a public adjuster. Here are a few scenarios where a public adjuster is probably not necessary regardless of the type of claim filed:

  • The property insurance claim is valued at less than $20,000
  • The insurance company has fully accepted liability of the claim
  • If the insurance claim process is progressing at a quick and acceptable pace
  • If the claimant has sufficient time and education to dedicate to proper claim management

As in the case of hiring any professional service, it’s important to carefully consider all potential public adjuster candidates. A reputable and experienced pubic adjuster should not make any financial promises before reviewing your damage estimates and the details of your insurance policy. He or she should also offer to review claim documents and meet with potential clients at no cost.

If you need help deciding if hiring a public adjuster is the right choice for your insurance claim, contact us at your convenience.

Should I Hire a Public Adjuster?
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Should I Hire a Public Adjuster?
Filing a claim involves procedures that are unfamiliar & complex. Will hiring a public adjuster increase a claim settlement and ease the claim process?
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