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Business insurance claims can be extremely complex. Even a minor oversight could translate into substantial unclaimed settlement money and loss of precious time.

Call us at 800-572-7914 today or contact us online for help filing your business insurance claim. We can help you receive the quickest and best settlement possible while you focus on restoring your business and everyday life. Our team includes licensed public adjusters, attorneys, specialized consultants and more. Most importantly, we work for you, not the insurance company.

Our team has over 50 years of combined experience handling all kinds of business claims, including business interruption claims, construction, forensics, meteorology and engineering. We are experts at interpreting policy language and thinking beyond the limited scope typical of most insurance companies.

Tips for Keeping Your Business Claim on Track

Simply going with the flow and following your insurance company’s lead may seem like the easiest route to take when it comes to your business insurance claim, but it often comes with the downside of not receiving your best settlement.

In nearly all the claims we’ve worked, there’s been a significant difference between what the insurance company offers to the insured and what it should actually pay according to policy provisions. We’ve seen countless business claims and business interruption claims underpaid or denied altogether due to incomplete assessment of damages and sloppy adjusting from insurance companies.

You don’t have to allow your insurance company to dictate the pace and settlement of your claim. These tips can help ensure that you get the most out of your business claim:

  • Request a certified copy of your insurance policy immediately
  • Compile your own business property inventory
  • Acquire at least two separate independent estimates to gauge the true costs for rebuilding or restoring your damaged structure or building to its pre-loss condition
  • Gather copies of the previous three years’ tax returns, profit and loss statements, lease agreements and inventories
  • Document every point of contact with your insurance company
  • Consult with an experienced public loss adjuster anytime you’ve been asked to submit a Proof of Loss form

From Business Interruption to Extra Expenses – Consider and Collect all Coverages

Even the best insurance companies, as well as many inexperienced public adjusters, can overlook coverages or incorrectly adjust claims. For the best settlement, you, your insurance company adjuster and a trusted public adjuster should carefully review every aspect of your insurance policy:

  • Loss of Use / Loss of Rents – The “loss of business income” coverage protects commercial property owners from losing revenue caused by uninhabitable property resulting from a covered loss
  • Business Interruption – Business interruption covers losses resulting from a business interruption caused by a covered event, such as a wildfire
  • Extended Coverage – Extended business interruption coverage addresses the fact that an interrupted business often needs time to reach its pre-loss income levels after reopening
  • Continuing Expenses – Continuing expenses coverage pays for business costs that continue despite interruption, such as payroll or interest on a mortgage
  • Extra Expenses – Extra expenses coverage pays for expenses that your business incurs that it would not have incurred without the property damage, such as additional rented office space
Ronald Delo

Ronald Delo

“These claims can be very complex and challenging even for a seasoned claims professional. Often times experts such as forensic CPA’s and cost and valuation engineers are needed to accurately re- document or substantiate a claim that has been underpaid or denied. Failure to get the right experts involved will end up costing the insured a lot of money.”
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Let Us Help You Get Where You Need to Be

At Insurance Claim Consultants, we act quickly and aggressively on your behalf to show the insurance company what they owe you. We can help during any stage of the business insurance claim process, even if your claim has been underpaid, denied altogether or is at a standstill.

Our 100 percent success rate for winning our clients larger settlements speaks for itself. If we can’t earn you a larger settlement, you owe us nothing. Contact us today to get started.

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