Alabama Insurance Appraisal

Alabama Insurance Appraisers for Claim Disputes

Insurance Claim Consultants offers experienced insurance appraiser services for claim disputes in Alabama. Public adjusters can legally provide insurance claim help in Alabama through appraisal process for fire insurance claims, water damage insurance claims and all other claim types.

If you’ve received a low settlement offer or even had your claim denied, then invoking the appraisal process may be an option. Since insurance appraisal is a binding and legal process, the decision should be carefully and strategically considered with the help of a trusted and experienced public adjuster.

How the Appraisal Process Works

Most property insurance policies in Alabama contain an insurance appraisal clause that allows the property owner or the insurance company to invoke a “demand for appraisal” when a conflict over the value or scope of the loss occurs.

When insurance appraisal process is invoked, each party selects an insurance appraiser who will evaluate the claim, estimates, and supporting documentation before determining the amount the insurance company owes the policyholder. If the two insurance appraisers cannot come to an agreement, then a neutral umpire makes the final determination.

Our Insurance Appraisal Process at a Glance:

  • Review – We thoroughly review your claim documents
  • Conduct – We conduct a new investigation into all damages, often using the latest claim technology
  • Develop – We develop our own scopes of loss and estimates to support our review and investigation.
  • Consult – We consult with engineers, building specialists, contents specialists and other loss professionals to ensure we have all the information to support our claim package.
  • Present – We methodically present your claim to the insurance company.

Attorney. Appraiser. Or Public Adjuster?

While attorneys often offer insurance appraisal services in Alabama, legal fees are a legitimate concern. Appraisers charge an hourly rate that is a fraction of what attorneys charge. Most importantly, attorneys don’t have the same level of hands-on loss estimating expertise as experienced public insurance adjusters do.

Public adjusters are not licensed or even recognized by the Alabama Department of Insurance. Though Alabama does not require licensing, we value it – and you should too. The adjusters at Insurance Claim Consultants are licensed in 17 states and counting and can help you resolve your homeowner claim or business insurance claim in Alabama through the appraisal process.

Take a look at the recent appraisal award we won on behalf of a Birmingham family whose fire claim was underpaid and at a standstill.

Experienced Insurance Appraisers at Your Service

Insurance Claim Consultants employs experienced public adjusters and property damage appraisers who can be hired as your insurance appraiser during the appraisal process. Our unsurpassed experience in construction and insurance provides us with the insight needed to determine what resources are required to restore your property to its pre-loss condition. Don’t leave your final insurance claim settlement to chance. Contact us to see if the appraisal process is right for your claim.

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