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A hurricane can bring massive property damage, high hurricane deductibles, and an influx of hurricane claims. The scale of the damage is often severe and the claims process can be confusing, slow and overwhelming. Engaging the claim help from a trusted public adjuster will ensure your hurricane claim is given the attention and detail required to obtain quick and accurate insurance settlement.

Insurance Claim Consultants has been a powerful, effective partner for victims of every named tropical storm or hurricane to hit the United States since the early 1990s including Hurricanes Sandy, Katrina, Andrew, Hugo, Ike, and Opal. Our hurricane adjusters, public adjusters and property damage appraisers win claim settlements that reflect what the insurance company is obligated to pay based on your insurance policy and true valuation of damages, rather than what the insurance company wants to pay or simply offers.

Hurricane Claim Tips:

It could take weeks after a major hurricane for an independent adjuster from your insurance company to get to your property to evaluate your claim. If you’re not ready to hire a public adjuster, these hurricane claim tips will ensure your claim stays on the right track:

  • Request a certified copy of your insurance policy from your agent or broker ASAP.
  • Compile your own detailed contents inventory. Include age, brand, quantity, purchase price and a link to where the item, or a comparable one, could be purchased online.
  • Control ALL of your personal property. Never allow a restoration company to remove your contents for disposal or restoration until you have met with your insurance company’s adjuster and consulted with a trusted public adjuster to know ALL of your rights and options.
  • Mitigate damage to your property by boarding up windows or tarping your roof.
  • Obtain independent damage estimates to gauge the actual cost to rebuild your property.
  • Never sign a “for insurance proceeds” contract with ANY general contractor.
  • Wait – Never start the rebuild process until you know ALL your rights and options for settlement and have an agreed upon “scope” with your insurance company. Do NOT allow a general contractor to convince you otherwise.
  • Document every point of communication with your insurance company adjuster and insurance company.
  • Demand an explanation from your insurance company adjuster if your hurricane claim has not settled within 60 days.
  • Seek to uncover all benefits your policy affords, or consult with a trusted public adjuster. In many total-loss scenarios, a potential 35 percent in extra coverage above the policy limit may be available.


What Ron Says About Hurricane Claims:
Ronald Delo

Ronald Delo

“High winds combined with low barometric pressure can create micro-fractures within the building’s external envelope such as in the roof, walls, doors, and windows. Even if no damage is immediately evident, these micro-fractures allow water to penetrate the building’s frame, potentially causing mold growth later on. An experienced public adjuster- and insurance company adjusters- should utilize roofing and infrared technology to properly investigate and document hard to find hurricane damage. ”
Get more expert answers about hurricane claims by visiting our FAQs page.


Hurricane Damage, Water Damage or Flood Damage?

An experienced public insurance adjuster has the resources and skills needed to differentiate and document the varying types of damages that are often a part of a hurricane claim. Storm surge, wind-driven rain, tornado damage, water damage and flood damage can accompany a hurricane. Floods caused by storm surges and overflowing rivers won’t be covered by your standard property insurance policy but water damage from high winds such as driven rain entering though a blown out window will qualify under hurricane damage.

The inability to properly differentiate and document different types of damage is the reason why historically, many hurricane claims have been unjustly denied or underpaid by insurance companies.This happened to thousands of Hurricane Katrina and Ike claimants who had homeowner insurance claims and business claims. We assembled the right teams of public adjusters, hurricane adjusters, engineers and other claim consultants who were able to properly differentiate and document the damages which resulted in overturned denials and significant hurricane settlements on behalf of our clients.

Always consult with a trusted and experienced public adjuster if your hurricane claim is not progressing as you think it should, if you’ve received a low settlement or are otherwise unhappy with how you’re being treated by your insurance company.

How to Select the Best Public Adjuster for a Hurricane Claim

As with most professions, experience cannot be replaced. This is especially true when selecting a public adjuster to provide claim help for a hurricane claim. Here are some questions to ask a public adjuster.

  • How long have you been licensed as a public adjuster?
  • How many hurricane claims have you estimated and adjusted?
  • Do you work as a public adjuster full-time?
  • How many claims have you worked with my insurance company?
  • Where is your local and corporate office located?
  • How long have you been doing business as a public adjuster in my city?
  • How many other people will be working on my claim and what are their qualifications?
  • Are you a member of any public adjuster industry affiliations like FAPIA, TAPIA, NAPIA or WIND?
  • When will I be provided updates and in what fashion?
  • …most importantly, can I have a list of past clients I may contact?

Our Hurricane Adjusters are Here to Help

You have many options even if your hurricane claim has been delayed, underpaid or even denied. Take a look how our public adjusters won larger hurricane claim settlements for people just like you.

We can get your claim settlement to where you want and need it to be. Our services are FREE if we can’t win you a larger hurricane claim settlement. It’s that simple. Start on the road to recovery today.

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