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Tornado damage insurance claims are complex since they often involve extensive structural damage, debris removal, lost and damaged personal property as well as resulting hail and storm damage. Recovering a fast and fair settlement to repair your property to its pre-loss condition can be a daunting and confusing task for most property owners.

Insurance Claim Consultants employs the public adjuster industry’s most experienced tornado claim adjusters and public adjusters. We know how to document and estimate your damages and navigate the insurance claim process. This allows our clients the benefit and security of a fast and accurate insurance claim settlement, with no haggle or hassle from their insurance companies.

Tornado Damage Insurance Claim Advice:

Most insurance companies will try to control the insurance claim process. Here is insurance claim advice to ensure you stay in control and avoid delays or a low settlement for your tornado damage claim.

  • Request in writing a Certified Copy of your policy of insurance
  • Compile your OWN detailed personal property inventory of lost or damage items. Include everything from toilet paper to tooth picks and everything in between. Make note of the item, description, age, quantity and cost to replace.
  • Obtain three independent estimates to repair your home’s or business’s structure to its pre-loss condition. A qualified public adjuster or general contractor can help.
  • Demand in writing a copy of all damage repair estimates from your insurance adjuster or insurance company.
  • Understand all your rights and options to rebuild, demolish or obtain a cash payout.
  • Document every point of contact with your insurance adjuster and insurance company.
  • Never sign a release or submit a Proof of Loss form without consulting with a trusted public adjuster. You could forfeit settlement money or options by doing so prematurely.
What Ron Says About Tornado Damage Claims:
Ronald Delo

Ronald Delo

“Although it may seem easiest to agree with your insurance adjuster’s estimate and follow the lead of the insurance company, doing so will slow the insurance claim process and most definitely limit the claim settlement you’re entitled to receive. Most people are unaware that there is so much up for negotiation. An experienced public adjuster can make a considerable difference in the financial outcome of a tornado damage claim.”
Get more expert answers about tornado claims by visiting our FAQs page.

Slow and Insufficient Claim Handling

After a mass catastrophe like a tornado, insurance companies will employ an army of adjusters to handle the increase of claims reported. Unfortunately, it could take weeks for an adjuster to meet with you and worse, many of these insurance adjusters are poorly trained at inspecting and estimating tornado damage. This means low settlement and delays for policyholders.

One way to leverage power is by hiring your own insurance adjuster- a public adjuster. A public adjuster will ensure that your insurance company won’t steer the insurance claims process and the financial outcome of your tornado damage insurance claim.

Insurance Companies Our Public Adjusters Have Worked With

Since 1990, our public adjusters and tornado damage adjusters have worked with more than 12,000 policy holders to help them win fast and accurate settlements with various insurance companies. We know the claims practices of insurance companies which gives us the benefit of keeping our clients in control of the pace and outcome of their claims.

The insurance company’s we’ve worked with include, but are not limited to:

  • State Farm Tornado Claims
  • Nationwide Tornado Claims
  • Allstate Tornado Claims
  • USAA Tornado Claims
  • Safeco Tornado Claims
  • Chubb Insurance Tornado Claims
  • Travelers Insurance Tornado Claims
  • Lloyds of London Tornado Claims
  • Liberty Mutual Tornado Claims
  • …and many others

Let Us Help You Get Where You Need to Be

At Insurance Claim Consultants we act quickly and aggressively on your behalf to show the insurance company what they owe you for your tornado damage insurance claim. And, we can be hired at any point during the insurance claim process.

Our team of claim adjusters have a 100% success rate winning our clients bigger settlements. Take a look. If we can’t win you a better settlement then we are paid nothing. It’s that simple. Start on the road to recovery today.

We’re always available. Contact us 24/7 to get answers to your tornado insurance claim from an experienced public adjuster.

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