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Building Collapse Insurance Claim Adjuster

Collapse Insurance Claim Help from Experienced Public Adjusters

Building collapse insurance claims tend to be extremely unsettling for property owners. With both literal and figurative walls crashing down around you, the last thing you need is an insurance claim nightmare. Unfortunately, these claims require extensive expertise and diligence during the insurance claims process since building collapse coverage is difficult to interpret and is ever-changing.

Insurance Claim Consultants employs the most experienced team of public adjusters, property damage appraisers, construction specialists and engineers who bring decades of experience settling even the most complex building collapse insurance claims. We work on your behalf to obtain the money you need to recover while empowering your rights through the insurance claim process.

Collapse Insurance Coverage Tips

  • Request a certified copy of your insurance policy ASAP
  • Read if or how your policy defines the term “collapse.”
  • Wait to start any rebuilding or demolition until you have a solid claim strategy in place.
  • Find the agreed upon “facts” about the collapse of the structure and get the insurance adjuster to put it in writing.
  • Determine if a partial collapse has occurred and if there is also hidden structural damage.
  • Request the insurance company provide you written documentation of collapse insurance coverage or denial of the claim.
  • Contact a trusted and experienced public insurance adjuster ASAP if your insurance company has denied collapse coverage.

The Complexities of Collapse Insurance Coverage

Building collapses can be caused my many things including snow and ice on roofs, shockwaves from explosions, blasts, structural problems, soil subsidence, earth movements, improper construction methods or materials, meth lab explosions, gas leaks, and more.

Property insurance policies cover some buildings collapses, but not all. Insurance companies are more frequently restricting collapse coverage and redefining the coverage to limit their exposure. And, since building and structure collapses are expensive to repair, insurance companies commonly deny coverage for these insurance claims. It’s in your best interest to be proactive and at a minimum, contact a trusted and experienced public adjuster for a consultation about a claim involving structure or building collapse.

What Ron Says About Collapse Insurance Claims:
Ronald Delo

Ronald Delo

“Collapse insurance claims are fact-specific and proper interpretation of the insurance policy language is crucial. New case law involving collapse insurance coverage has changed how these claims are processed and disputed by insurance company adjusters. If your property has suffered a partial or complete collapse, it’s absolutely necessary to get involved an experienced public adjuster who has the experience, resources and contacts to document and settle the claim.”
Get more expert answers about collapses by visiting our FAQs page.


When to Get Help with a Building Collapse Insurance Claim

The insurance claim process for any claim type can be foreign and complex. While most people can benefit from the services of a claim professional, it’s imperative you at least consult with a trusted and experienced public adjuster if:

  • Your insurance claim has been delayed more than 30 days
  • Your insurance claim has been denied
  • You received a Reservation of Rights letter from the insurance company
  • You’ve been required to submit a Proof of Loss form

Our Claim Adjusters Are Here to Help

You have many options even if your insurance company has denied your collapse insurance claim.

Our claim adjusters, property loss appraisers and construction experts know how to cut through the insurance company’s red tape to get you answers and the results you deserve. In fact, we 100% success rate winning larger settlements for people just like you. Our services are FREE if we can’t win you a larger settlement for your collapse claim. It’s that simple. Start on the road to recovery today.

We’re always available. Contact us today to discuss your collapse claim with a licensed public insurance adjuster.

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