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Homeowner Insurance Claim

Home Insurance Claim Help from Proven Public Adjusters


Filing and managing a homeowner insurance claim can be more emotionally taxing than the initial property loss. Oftentimes settlements do not come quickly and every insurance policy requires the insured to adhere to several, confusing post-loss duties and obligations in order for the home insurance claim to progress.

All of the public adjusters at Insurance Claim Consultants are licensed by the Department of Insurance to provide homeowners with insurance claim help. Unlike the independent adjuster from your insurance company, we make certain you receive the largest insurance settlement possible.

Our teams of public adjusters and property damage appraisers know exactly how to manage your claim, document the full scope of damages and obtain the largest possible settlement all while you focus on restoring your everyday life.

Tips to Ensure Homeowner Insurance Claim Settlement

Regardless of the type of claim filed, while following the lead of the insurance company and its adjuster may seem the easiest route to take it often comes with a downside risk to the insured.

In nearly all the claims we’ve worked since 1992, there has been a significant difference between what the insurance company OFFERS to settle the claim for versus what it SHOULD pay. This discrepancy usually occurs from missed coverage entitlements, sloppy adjusting and a lackadaisical investigation into the full scope of damage. These mistakes cost people like you thousands of settlement dollars.

  • Request a certified copy of your insurance policy ASAP
  • Compile your OWN personal property/contents inventory.
  • Obtain independent estimates to gauge the TRUE cost to rebuild or restore your home’s structure to its pre-loss condition. A licensed general contractor can do this.
  • Learn all your rights and options for rebuilding, cashing out and other settlement options.
  • Know deadlines to submit claim forms. You could jeopardize your claim if you miss a filing deadline.
  • Document every point of communication with the insurance company.
  • Consult with a trusted and experienced public loss adjuster ASAP if you’ve been required to submit a Proof of Loss form or if you’re asked to sign any document which could waive your rights.

Most homeowner claims should settle within 45 to 60 days. Seek claim help form a trusted public adjuster ASAP if your insurance company has delayed or underpaid your claim.

Public Adjusters Leverage Your Policy

Experienced public adjusters know that the cornerstone of a comprehensive claim plan centers on the fine-print of the insurance policy. Unfortunately, independent adjusters from insurance companies often neglect to even assess or misinterpret the policy of insurance which results in misappropriation of benefits, denied claims and low settlements.

We are experts in understanding and analyzing insurance policies and applying new case law and code changes all of which drastically effect claim settlements. Our expertise ensures you collect every penny you’re policy entitles you to collect

Each aspect of your homeowner insurance policy should be given thorough consideration by you, your insurance company adjuster and ideally, an experienced and trusted public adjuster. The main coverages are:

  • Building Coverage – “Coverage A: Main Dwelling” covers the home and attachments to it such as patio covers or balconies. “Coverage B: Other Structures” covers other structures that are not attached to the main building such as outbuildings, sheds, casitas, pools, and landscaping. Note that this coverage is limited to 10 percent of the value of the main dwelling’s coverage.
  • Personal Property – “Coverage C: Personal Property” covers the contents of your home and other personal belongings that you own or use. Under most policies, this provides coverage for up to 50 percent of the home’s insured value. This typically is the most mismanaged part of a property insurance claim which results in grossly underpaid settlements.
  • Additional Living Expense – “Coverage D: Loss of Use” pays for additional living expenses INCURRED should your home become inhabitable after a covered property loss. Additional living expenses payments help you maintain a reasonable standard of living while your home is being repaired or rebuilt. This coverage provides for temporary housing, food expenses, and even excess mileage on cars incurred because of the loss.
  • Law and Ordinance – Many states have laws and building codes that could substantially increase the cost to rebuild a damaged home “to code.” Because building codes change over time, your house may not conform to current building codes.
  • Other – Most policies contain endorsements that add coverage for shrubs and landscaping, law and ordinance changes, and other items. These items can add significant value to a home insurance claim settlement and we can help you collect.


What Ron Says About Homeowner Insurance Claims:
Ronald Delo

Ronald Delo

“Though many homeowners are capable of filing and managing a claim, few are fully aware of the coverages their policies afford. Many standard home insurance policies afford settlements in excess of policy limits, sometimes as much as 35%. An experienced public adjuster will know how to quickly and properly recover every penny his or her client is entitled to collect.”

It’s Your Claim. Take Charge of It.

The team at Insurance Claim Consultants is dedicated at working quickly and aggressively to winning our clients the settlements they deserve. With our help you remain in control of your claim, not the insurance company.

Hire us during any stage during the claim process, even if your claim has been denied or if your insurance company has delayed settlement. We have a 100% success rate obtaining larger settlements for people just like you. If we can’t win you a better settlement then you owe us $0. It’s that simple.

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