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Water Damage

Water damage insurance claims are one of the most common types of property claims. Water damage can cause some of the biggest financial expenses for insurance companies, which often results in much grief and aggravation for property owners who should be entitled to quick and fair settlements.

Call us at 800-572-7914 today or contact us online for help filing your homeowner insurance claim. Ever since 1990, our claim adjusters have helped people just like you win fast and fair settlements for water damage claims that were previously underpaid, delayed or denied entirely. We use state-of-the-art moisture mapping and thermal imaging technology to substantiate the full scope of water damage with precise estimates, making for the fastest and most accurate settlements for our clients.

Water Damage Insurance Claim Tips

The nature of water damage can make the full scope difficult to quantify, resulting in frequently underestimated water damage claims. Our water damage case studies demonstrate our commitment to helping you get the settlement you deserve for any and all associated damage.

Use these insurance claim tips to help your claim stay on track:

  • Request a certified copy of your insurance contract from your agent or insurance adjuster outlining your coverage, including mold provisions, limitations and your responsibilities. An experienced public adjuster can help you interpret policy language.
  • Begin mitigation of the water damage, but do not begin restoration of your damaged property. Restoring your property should only begin after you and your insurance company have agreed to the exact scope of damage.
  • Document all damage with photos or videos.
  • Request that your insurance adjuster use moisture mapping technology, such as infrared or thermal imaging, to diagnose and document the extent of water damage. A public adjuster can accomplish this in the event that your insurance company does not.
  • Obtain your own estimates to determine the true cost of restoring or replacing your damaged property. A minimum of three independent estimates from qualified general contractors should be obtained.
  • Demand a written explanation from your insurance company in the event that your claim is not fully settled within 45 days of filing.
  • Contact a trusted public insurance adjuster if your insurance company is not responsive, unhelpful or has asked you to submit a Proof of Loss form or any other document that may forfeit your rights.

Water Damage Insurance Coverage

While every insurance policy offers varying degrees of water damage coverage, most cover damage where the cause of loss was “sudden and accidental.” This includes water damage from burst pipes, sink or tub overflow, toilet or sewage backups, and water intrusion from breaches in a window or roof.

However, water damage can also appear gradually and quietly, damaging building materials and furnishings with mold or unusual warping. When this happens, most insured people file a water damage insurance claim and expect their coverage to apply.

The reality is that while insurance companies should settle many water damage insurance claims, these claims are often unjustly underpaid or denied. Insurance adjusters can misinterpret the policy language and deny coverage based on allegations that the type of water damaged is not covered under your policy. Always get a second opinion from a trusted public adjuster if your insurance company offers you a low settlement or denies coverage.

Water Damage Claim Denied?

If you suspect that your water damage claim has been wrongfully denied, an experienced public adjuster can assess the true and full value of your insurance claim and help you interpret your insurance policy language.

You should absolutely obtain a second opinion if your insurance company has denied your water damage insurance claim due to any of the following:

  • “A long ongoing leak.”
  • “An unrepaired leak.”
  • “A preventable maintenance issue.”
  • “Failure to mitigate damages.”
  • “Failure to maintain heat and electricity to a building resulting in burst or broken pipe.”
  • “Failure to drain or properly maintain sprinkler system.”
  • “Failure to have NFIP coverage for a flood insurance claim.”


What Ron Says About Water Damage Insurance Claims:
Ronald Delo

Ronald Delo

“Substantiating water damage requires specialized technology, yet your insurance company’s adjuster may not use these tools. If not discovered, hidden water damage doesn’t technically exist. Denials such as unfairly attributing damage to preventable maintenance issues are common. An experienced public adjuster can discover, substantiate, and document the true cause of loss to get you compensated for the true value of your water damage claim.”
Get more expert answers about water damage claims by visiting our FAQs page.


Don’t Take Chances with Your Claim Settlement

If your water damage claim has been underpaid or denied, you still have options.

If we can pinpoint a valid reason to reopen your water damage claim, our claim adjusters will aggressively and diligently pursue an increased settlement on your behalf, and our 100 percent success rate speaks to why our clients choose us again and again. You don’t pay us unless we win you a larger settlement. It’s that simple. Contact us today to get started.

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