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Fire Insurance Claim Public Adjuster

Fire Insurance Claim Help from Proven Public Adjusters


A fire insurance claim can be the most complex and involved type of property loss to navigate. While following the lead of the claim adjuster from your insurance company may seem like the path of least resistance, doing so will often lead to settlement delays, a grossly under-adjusted settlement and limited options for rebuilding and restoring your property and possessions.

Our public adjusters and property damage appraisers know exactly how to navigate the fire insurance claim process to a fast and accurate settlement. Rather than allowing the insurance company to dictate the claim process our proactive and aggressive approach allows YOU to control the pace and settlement of the claim. This means our clients are fully compensated in the most efficient way.

Fire Insurance Claim Tips

Insurance companies commonly use tactics to delay settlements and/or further investigate, substantiate or deny a fire insurance claim. Here are tips to ensure your claim progresses properly:

  • Request a certified copy of your insurance policy and copy of the fire report ASAP.
  • Compile your own detailed personal property inventory.
  • Control ALL of your personal property. Never allow any restoration company to remove your property for disposal or restoration until you know all your rights and options.
  • Obtain independent damage estimates to gauge the actual cost to rebuild your property.
  • Document every point of communication with your insurance company adjuster.
  • Wait – Never start the rebuild process until you know ALL your rights and options for settlement.
  • Caution– Use caution when submitting any information or documents to the insurance adjuster. You could waive your rights or jeopardize your claim.
  • Demand an explanation if your claim has not settled within 60 days.
  • Seek to uncover all benefits your policy affords, or consult with a public adjuster. In many total-loss scenarios, a potential 35 percent in extra coverage above the policy limit may be available.

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Take Charge of the Fire Insurance Claim Process

In nearly all the fire claims we’ve worked, there has been a large difference between what the insurance company’s claim adjuster OFFERS and what should be paid contractually pay per the policy’s provisions and a comprehensive estimation of damages. Choices and decisions about your home, possessions and the fire insurance claim process should be made by you, not the claim adjuster from your insurance company. And, our assistance assures that.

Our public adjusters are experts in understanding and analyzing insurance policies, compiling detailed damage estimates and negotiating the largest possible fire claim settlement, all while you focus on restoring your life. With decades of fire and smoke damage claims experience, we have witnessed – and can help you avoid – common mistakes that result in major complications, delays, disputes, or negligent misappropriation of insurance coverage.

When to Seek Help with Your Fire Claim

While all claimants can benefit from a public adjuster’s help during the fire insurance claim process, you absolutely need to consult with a trusted and experienced claim adjuster if you’ve received a:

  • Reservation of Rights letter
  • Demand to participate in an Examination Under Oath (EUO)
  • Proof of Loss form to fill out or sign.
  • Letter stating that your fire claim has been ruled suspicious or is under investigation


What Ron Says About Fire Insurance Claims:
Ronald Delo

Ronald Delo

“An experienced public adjuster can make such a significant difference in the settlement of a fire insurance claim. In most cases we’ve worked, our fee was paid for by the difference we were able to make solely in the personal property portion of the claim. In addition, a good public adjuster’s attention to minute details will make a large difference with the final outcome of your settlement.”
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Our Public Adjusters Are Here to Help You

You have many options even if your fire insurance claim has been delayed, underpaid or even denied.

We can get your fire claim settlement to where you want and need it to be. Our public adjusters and property loss appraisers have a 100% success rate winning larger settlements for people just like you. Our services are FREE if we can’t win you a larger claim settlement. It’s that simple. Start on the road to recovery today.

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