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Insurance Claim Help for Hail Damage

During a destructive storm, thunder, lightning, torrential rains, high winds or all of the above can occur. If hail is also present, your property can accrue extensive damage. Roof damage, window damage and destruction to structure siding commonly result from hailstorms. Despite this, hail damage claims are notoriously challenging to document and substantiate without the right approach and expertise.

Call us at 800-572-7914 today or contact us online for help filing your hail damage claim. Our team of experienced public adjusters leverages decades of experience and the most cutting edge roofing and weather technology to substantiate hail damage claims on behalf of our clients. Our claim adjusters work quickly and aggressively to win you the settlement you deserve, even in the case of a denied or underpaid hail claim by your insurance company.

How to Check for Hail Damage

It’s not uncommon for the independent claim adjuster from your insurance company to downplay hail damage, even if you were present during the hailstorm and can attest to its scale. We highly recommend that you proactively assess your property and look out for the following signs of hail damage to help with your claim:

  • Impact Marks – Hailstones often cause impact marks on the siding of a home, business or automobiles. Proof of impact marks can help substantiate a hail damage claim.
  • Chips – Hailstones can cause paint, stucco and other coating to chip off. Investigate the area surrounding your property for evidence of chipped coating after a hailstorm.
  • Broken Glass – Hail and excessive winds can cause glass on windows, cars and patios to crack or shatter.
  • Dents – Hail can cause aluminum siding, metal roofing and other similar materials to dent.
What Ron Says About Hail Damage:
Ronald Delo

Ronald Delo

“We commonly encounter hail claims with properties where the insurance company has denied the claim due to “wear and tear” or some type of preventable maintenance issue. While that may the case for some claims, many times the denial was based off of a sloppy and quick investigation into hail damage. Always get a second opinion from an experienced public adjuster if your claim has been denied, delayed or underpaid.”
Get more expert answers about hail claims by visiting our FAQs page.

Identifying Hail Damage to Roofs

When roofs are damaged by hail, it isn’t always obvious, making hail claims difficult to quantify since roof systems may appear undisturbed. To the untrained eye, these impacts may be imperceptible, making it all too easy for your insurance company to deny or dismiss your hail damage claim.

An experienced public adjuster knows that a thorough inspection can lead to loose granules that may compromise the integrity of the underlying roof system. The roof damage incurred from hailstorms may ultimately become obvious, but if too much time has passed since the original damage took place, it can be challenging to link your hail claim to the original storm.

This is precisely why our public adjusters and property damage appraisers make use of the latest roof and weather technology to substantiate and document hail damage roof claims. If you suspect that your home or business may have hail damage, you owe it to yourself to get a professional second opinion.

When to Seek Help with a Hail Damage Claim

While anyone filing a hail damage claim can benefit from the help of a public adjuster, it’s imperative that you consult with a trusted and experienced adjuster if your insurance company has done any of the following:

  • Told you that damage to the roof is a result of natural wear and tear rather than hail
  • Agreed to only repair or replace specific parts of the roof
  • Denied your hail damage claim altogether
  • Otherwise treated you in a dismissive way

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers

Our public adjusters and property damage appraisers can find and substantiate hail damage that is difficult to spot and costly to repair, keeping you in control of your hail damage claim and expediting the process to win you a fast and fair settlement.

If you suspect you have hail damage, don’t let your insurance company downplay the situation. Get answers from a trusted and experienced public adjuster to help keep you in the driver’s seat. If we can’t win you a higher settlement, you owe us nothing. It’s that simple. Contact us today to get started.

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