Frozen Pipe Break Claim

Frozen Pipe Claim in Houston: What You Need to Know

As parts of Texas continue to experience freezing temperatures, frozen pipes and burst pipes will cause issues for property owners. Although insurance covers water damage from frozen pipes that burst, securing a settlement can be an uphill battle.  Here is what you need to know to navigate the insurance claim process.

Frozen Pipe Claim Insurance Coverage

Damages to your home or business from frozen pipes or burst pipes should be covered if you have property insurance. Above all, there are two parts to the coverage:

  • The damage to the property which resulted from a “sudden and unforeseen” burst or ruptured pipes is covered. This includes damage from frozen pipes that burst and caused water damage. This scenario will cover the majority of frozen pipe burst insurance claims in Houston.
  • The second part of the insurance coverage involves power failures. For example, the insurance company will pay for the claim if an offsite power failure occurs (widespread power failure). In other words, your insurance policy should afford coverage since many areas of Texas were without power

Issues with Frozen Pipe Insurance Claims

Insurance is a big business. Therefore, insurance companies are notorious for minimizing their financial output. For instance, common tactics include delaying, denying and underpaying insurance claims.

Look at our recent settlements for examples of initial offers from insurance companies, and what they eventually had to pay after our public adjuster services. We have overturned thousands of claims that were previously denied, delayed or underpaid.

As it relates to frozen and burst pipe insurance claims in Houston, insurance policies will not cover damages if the insurance company deems the property owner did not take “reasonable steps” to prevent the situation from worsening. In other words, the insurance company will deny your frozen pipe water damage claim if they are of the OPINION that you did or did not take steps to minimize damage to your home or business.


What Ron Says About Frozen Pipe Burst Claims:
Ronald Delo

Ronald Delo

“If your insurance company has delayed, denied or undervalued your pipe break claim, you can rest assured that there is help available. There is no replacement for an experienced public adjuster. In most cases he or she can speed up the insurance claim process.” Ronald Delo

Get more expert answers about water damage claims by visiting our FAQs page.

Our Public Adjuster Firm in Houston Is Are Here to Help You

In conclusion, the fastest way to get your frozen pipe burst claim correctly valued and paid is to use an experienced public adjuster firm in Houston like us.
Our team of insurance adjusters can get your frozen pipe claim settled so you can move on with your life. Since 1992, we have a 100 percent success rate when it comes to winning larger settlements for people just like you. The best part? There are no upfront costs.  You pay us only a small percentage of settlement we negotiate. It’s that simple. Contact us today to get started.

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