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Storm Damage Insurance Adjuster

Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Wind and Storm Insurance

After high winds blow through, insurance companies mobilize an army of independent insurance adjusters, many of whom are inexperienced, to expedite the storm damage insurance claim process. This combined with policyholders who are unfamiliar with the insurance claim process, policy language, or the extent of the damage to know for certain if their settlement will fully cover repair or replacement costs, will likely cause deficiencies in the final settlement of the storm damage claim.

Insurance Claim Consultants employs the industry’s most experienced public insurance adjusters. Our experience ensures you receive the largest storm damage insurance claim settlement possible with little hassle or haggle from your insurance company.

Storm Damage Insurance Questions and Tips:

Dealing with a wind or storm damage insurance claim can be a confusing process. Unfamiliar obligations and industry jargon are just the beginning of an arduous process. Here are tips to ensure your claim starts and remains on the right track:

  • File the right type of insurance claim. A hurricane claim, water damage claim, hail damage claim, or a flood claim are vastly different. Make certain you start by filing the right type of claim.
  • Request from your insurance adjuster or agent a certified copy of your insurance policy.
  • Follow your post-loss duties and obligations as outlined in your policy. Neglecting any of those items will jeopardize payment of your claim.
  • Wait to start rebuilding or restoring your property until you and your insurance company agree upon the value or “scope of loss” of your storm damage claim.
  • Ask and document any storm damage insurance questions you ask during the claim process. Keep a detailed diary of all communication with your insurance company or its representatives.
  • Obtain your own storm damage estimates. We consider having three estimates from qualified general contractors or public adjusters a best practice if you’re attempting to handle the claim without professional claim help.
  • Demand a written explanation from your insurance company if they have not fairly settled your storm damage claim within 45 days.
  • Contact an experienced public insurance adjuster if your storm damage claim has been delayed, denied, underpaid or if you have any questions about the storm damage insurance claim process.

What Our Expert Says About Water Damage Claims:
Ronald Delo

Ronald Delo

“Your insurance company’s offer is not necessarily the true value of your claim, it rarely is. In our experience there’s always a significance difference between what the insurance company offers and what it SHOULD pay. An experienced public insurance adjuster will fully document, substantiate and negotiate your storm damage claim with your best interest in mind. Professional claim help from a public adjuster speeds up the claims process, allows you to focus on life and ensures the largest settlement possible.”
Get more expert answers about water damage claims by visiting our FAQs page.

A Thorough Investigation Is Necessary for Fair Settlement

While blown-off roofs and broken windows are obvious signs of wind and storm damage, these types of claims are often undervalued because the effects can also be hidden or hard to identify. To make matters worse, heavy workloads and high-stress environments after major storm events are common which can lead to significant damage being overlooked by insurance adjusters who are in the rush to quickly settle and close claims. Unbeknownst to most, this results in low and unfair storm damage settlements.

Did your insurance adjuster get on top of your roof? Did the adjuster use a moisture meter or a thermal camera to detect the presence of moisture inside your building’s walls or roof? Did the adjuster photograph the entire perimeter of the property and building as well as all of the interior fixtures and contents? These are base-line steps that an insurance adjuster should do in order to START the investigative process.

Our storm damage insurance adjusters utilize the latest diagnostic technology, know what to look for, where to look and how to substantiate storm damage claims. This results in a comprehensive claim package that enables us to show the insurance company what they owe you, rather than allowing the insurance company to dictate the insurance claim process and settlement.

Our Storm Damage Adjusters and Public Adjusters Are Experts

Since 1992, our public adjusters have helped over 10,000 people win fast and fair settlements. Our 100% success rate winning our clients larger insurance claim settlements is due to our expertise in:

  • Understanding your insurance policy
  • Staying abreast of legislative and code changes that affect your claim.
  • Accurately estimating the scope of the damage for your storm damage insurance claim
  • Compiling a comprehensive claims package with supporting data.
  • Getting the right outside experts involved, if necessary
  • Applying all of your policy’s provisions
  • Skilled negotiations to maximize your settlement amount.

Our Strom Damage Adjusters Are here to Help You

One of our storm adjusters and public adjusters can review your insurance policy in a matter of minutes and help you understand your options and the true value of your claim. And, we can be hired to provide the insurance claim help you need at any point during the insurance claim process, even after you’ve received a settlement.

Our services are FREE if we can’t win you a quicker and larger storm damage insurance claim settlement. Start on the road to recovery today.

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