Hiring Professional Insurance Claim Help in Florida: What to Know

“The Claim Process Sucks!”

We’ve heard it over and over. You’ve suffered some type of insured property loss like fire damage or water damage in your home or business. It’s a big hassle. You decide that you’re in over your head. The claim process is consuming your spare time and the claim adjuster assigned by the insurance company isn’t giving your claim the attention it deserves. You’re frustrated, confused, overwhelmed and ready to hire professional claim help from a public adjuster. Where do you start and who do you hire to alleviate your claim headache?

Buyer Beware

A quick Internet search for “public adjusters in Florida” will render hundreds of web sites for firms located not just in Florida but several other states. How do you know what claim adjusters are qualified, experienced and capable of documenting and settling your claim in a fast, ethical and efficient manner, and which ones are not?

The number of public adjusters in Florida have increased significantly in recent years, especially since the storms of 2005. The influx of people needing claim help after those storms caused a massive increase in the number of public adjuster licenses granted by the Florida of Department of Financial Services. Unfortunately, individuals who did not have sufficient experience with the property insurance claim process were given licenses. Worse, these inexperienced adjusters ended up causing major issues on the claims for which were hired to provide help.

Requirements for Public Adjusters in Florida

Florida public adjuster laws are comparable to and in some cases more restrictive than other states. Currently, the state’s regulatory system includes licensing requirements and various consumer protections. There are laws that address licensing, solicitation and even how much adjusters can legally charge for services.

As with all professions, there are unqualified and unethical professionals that prey on unsuspecting and vulnerable claimants looking for help out of a complicated situation. Even with the regulatory safeguards in place, claimants need to take extra caution when hiring a public adjuster.

You’re Ready to Hire Claim Help. Now What?

Public adjusters can be hired during any stage of the insurance claim process whether a claim has been delayed, underpaid or even denied. If you’re ready to hire a public adjuster anywhere in Florida, here are some qualifications the firm or adjuster should have:

  • Seek out potential candidates with a minimum of 12 years of experience adjusting and scoping property insurance claims either as an independent adjuster or public adjuster.
  • Verify they have a current and valid Florida public adjuster license. Licenses can be verified at https://www.myfloridacfo.com/Data/AAR_ALIS1/index.htm
  • Verify their business location and landline telephone number. And, how long have they been at the established business location?
  • Ask to view building and personal property estimates they’ve created in Xactimate or Simsol software.
  • Speak with at least 5 prior clients who hired the candidate for a similar type and size claim as you have.
  • If the public adjuster candidate makes preliminary promises without first doing a thorough claim review, or charges up-front costs then look elsewhere.

Weather you live in Florida or anywhere else, you’re on the right rack if you’re looking to hire professional help with your properly insurance claim. Do your homework. Following the guidelines above will ensure you hire a public adjuster with the experience and knowledge needed to settle most any type and size of claim.

Call us 24/7 with any questions (800) 572-7914 or email: claims@insuracneclaimconsultants.com. Our public adjusters in Tampa service all of Florida and we also have adjusters in 15 other states across the U.S.

Hiring Professional Insurance Claim Help in Florida: What to Know
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Hiring Professional Insurance Claim Help in Florida: What to Know
So, you’re frustrated, overwhelmed and ready to hire professional claim help from a public adjuster? How do you choose the best adjuster in Florida to provide help for claim headache?
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