Pro Tips from Flood & Water Insurance Claim Adjusters in Tampa

The recent flooding throughout Tampa Bay has caused significant flood damage to homes and businesses. Many property owners will likely engage the insurance claim process help to obtain the funds necessary to restore their homes or business to pre-loss conditions.

Filing this type of insurance claim requires a necessary steps to ensure the best and quickest settlement. Our flood and water insurance claim adjusters in Tampa have complied the following tips that every claimant can utilize without the professional help of a public adjuster.

  • File the correct claim type. The “water damage” in Tampa resulted from a temporary condition in rising water, therefore a flood insurance claim should be filed. A claim would need to be filed through an NFIP purchased policy, not a standard homeowner or business policy. If your property or possessions were damaged from a breach in a roof or window then the damages could possibly be claimed though a standard home insurance or business insurance policy. Contact a trusted public adjuster in Tampa if you need further clarification on what type of claim to file.
  • Prevent or mitigate additional damages to your property. Temporarily tarp any breaches in your roof system or windows. Begin drying out items or areas that were saturated by water. Your insurance company could deny your claim if you neglect to mitigate damages. Save all receipts for submission to your insurance company.
  • Hold off on restoration and NEVER sign a “for insurance proceeds contract” with a contractor. If tear out is necessary, make certain that samples are saved and photographs are taken. Do not authorize any repair work to start until you and your insurance company have come to an agreement about the value of your insurance claim.
  • Require that the claim adjuster from the insurance company use a moisture meter or an infrared camera to locate and document the damage. Water damage can be elusive to find and as such, the full extent of damage can be hard to document without the use of infrared cameras and moisture meters.

Experienced Public Adjusters in Tampa

Flood and water damage claims are negotiable and the often times, claim adjusters miss-value damages and or overlook hidden or hard to find damage.

Contact a public adjuster in Tampa to determine if your insurance company accurately valued your flood and water damage claim or if the claim has been delayed, denied or underpaid. We’re available by phone 24 hours a day.

Pro Tips from Flood & Water Insurance Claim Adjusters in Tampa
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Pro Tips from Flood & Water Insurance Claim Adjusters in Tampa
Navigating flooding in Tampa Bay and the insurance claim process? These pro tips from Insurance Claim Consultants can help you obtain a settlement to restore your home or business to pre-loss conditions.
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