Are You a Target for Hurricane Damage Insurance Scams? 

woman getting bad news in mailUnfortunately, the aftermath of a major storm inevitably attracts con artists and scammers looking to take advantage of overwhelmed homeowners. To avoid insurance scams after hurricane damage, keep these three key tips in mind.

1. Don’t Take Information from Unknown Sources

One of the most common insurance scams after a hurricane involves robo-callers who try to trick home owners into quickly sending money in order to keep their flood insurance. To avoid these types of scare tactics in the wake of a storm, make sure you’re only taking information from a trusted source.

If you have questions about whether an insurance call is legitimate or not, contact your insurance company directly.

2. Get Everything in Writing

Phony calls aren’t the only way that con artists can take advantage of those affected by storms like Hurricane Irma in Florida. Untrustworthy contractors may try to swindle money from hurricane victims by charging thousands of dollars more for repairs than their original estimate… after getting a digital signature from the home owner.

[pullquote]Don’t sign any document without thoroughly reading its terms, and make sure you get a hard copy for your records.[/pullquote]

3. Personally Document and List Damages

After filing an insurance claim for hurricane damage, your insurance company will send a public adjuster out to assess your damage. But before this happens, it’s a good idea to take photos and create an itemized list yourself to make sure that you have accurate documentation.

To report a suspected incidence of insurance fraud, you can call the Florida Department of Financial Services

Are You a Target for Hurricane Damage Insurance Scams?
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Are You a Target for Hurricane Damage Insurance Scams?
Take steps to avoid insurance scams after hurricane damage by following these three tips provide by Insurance Claim Consultants of Tampa, Florida.
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