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Hurricane Season is Upon Us – Know Your Adjusters!

Determining the value of a hurricane insurance claim can be challenging to decipher if you aren’t in the restoration or insurance claim industries. According to a CNN article, “tornado victims could face a long haul with insurers.” The article in-part addresses the settlements insurance companies offer compared to final settlement amounts negotiated.

If you have a storm damage claim or a hurricane insurance claim, the most important questions you need to ask are:

  • Was I paid fair value for my hurricane damage?
  • Did I receive payment for everything I was entitled to collect for under my policy of insurance?

These questions often remain unanswered in the event a policyholder doesn’t seek a second opinion from an experienced and qualified insurance claim professional.

“Hurricane Claim Adjuster”

After a mass-catastrophe, insurance companies will deploy an army of independent insurance adjusters, many who are inexperienced, to handle the increase in claims. On the contrary, hundreds of “public adjusters,” many who are not inexperienced, will move into town with promises of handling hurricane claims on behalf of policyholders. Both sides can present themselves as hurricane claim adjusters.

There are no extra certifications or license requirements set forth by state licensing entities for either type of claim adjuster to adjust hurricane insurance claims. Given the lack of regulations, it’s important for policyholders to work only with an experienced and reputable “hurricane insurance adjuster.”

Here are some basic guidelines to ensure your claim is being handled by a claim adjuster who knows what he or she is doing and subsequently, you obtain a fair and fast settlement:

  • A minimum of 5 years adjusting hurricane insurance claims
  • With a business claim or business interruption claim, 10 years of experience with loss estimating and adjusting should be required.
  • Certifications such as Haag Certifications or other industry accepted certifications should be required and expected from a seasoned claim adjuster.
  • A valid and printed license from the state licensing authority.
  • At least two methods of contact via an office land-line phone and cell phone.
  • A company-issued email
  • Business Card
  • A list of past clients or references who can be contacted.

A public adjuster can help you determine if your insurance company’s settlement offer for a hurricane claim is fair and complete. Most public adjusters will offer this type of claim analysis as a complimentary service. Contact Insurance Claim Consultants 24/7 to request a complimentary claim analysis from an experienced public adjuster.

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