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Fire Claim Help: General Contractors versus Fire Damage Adjusters

If you’ve filed an insurance claim for fire damage you’ve likely been approached by many people and companies offering fire claim help. One of the most important things you need to know is who can and cannot offer claim help and negotiate your claim.

General contractors and fire damage adjusters, or public adjusters, provide vastly different services. Each is licensed, credentialed and trained differently. Having your loss mishandled by someone who is not licensed or qualified will undoubtedly complicate the fire claim process and could jeopardize the final outcome of your claim.

A fire damage adjuster, often referred to as a public adjuster, represents the claimant and is not permitted to work for an insurance company. They provide claim help to the claimant by preparing the claim package, documenting and estimating damages and negotiating the fire claim settlement with the insurance company. In most states these insurance claim adjusters cannot simultaneously work for or be affiliated with a restoration company or a general contractor during the course of the claim.

These types of contractors are not permitted by law to negotiate any types of property insurance claims including claims for fire damage. Furthermore, most do not have the necessary training, education and expertise to do so. Insurance claim adjusting and negotiating is highly specialized and requires specific training as well as an official license obtained from a state government agency.

Insurance policies clearly state that it’s the responsibility of the claimant to prove and substantiate the amount of damages claimed. Most claimants soon realize that going through the claim process without professional help can be a monumental undertaking and one that should be handled by a professional with experience in the claim process. So who should be hired?

Fire insurance claim help can be found by hiring an experienced public adjuster, specifically a fire damage adjuster. These claim experts know the ins and outs of the claim process. Using your own adjuster and a reputable general contractor will ensure the most accurate settlement and a rebuilding process that is efficient.

If you’re considering hiring professional claim help keep these things in mind when searching for the best fire claim adjuster or general contractor:

  • Hire EXPERIENCE– You should consider only professionals with more than 5-7 years of verified experienced with fire claims and fire restoration.
  • Verify Track Record – Ask for and actually contact past clients. Ask for an additional list of referrals. These referrals should be supplied to you in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Check Licensing – Verify that the insurance claim adjuster and/or general contractor you choose has a valid license(s). License verification can usually be done online.
  • Take Your Time – The fire claim process can be one of the longer claim types to settle so take your time hiring professional help. Someone who pressures you into signing a contract should be a warning sign.
  • Be Smart – If a potential public adjuster or general contractor asks for money upfront then run the other direction. If you’re adequately insured then all repairs and public adjuster services should be handled within the claim process without any money upfront.

Contact Insurance Claim Consultants for more information about public adjuster services and for answers to questions about the fire claim process. We have experienced fire damage adjusters in Houston, Tampa, Savannah and throughout many other cities and states across the U.S. We’re available 24 hours a day. (800) 572-7914

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