What Qualifications Should You Look for in a Public Adjuster?

man holding model houseLet’s say you needed to hire a plumber or an electrician to work in your home. You would expect him or her to have certain qualifications, right? Well, the same goes for hiring a public adjuster to help you file an insurance claim. In fact, there are specific requirements to be a public adjuster set by the state in which they’re located.

To help you make an informed decision when hiring someone to help you with your business or homeowner insurance claim, be on the lookout for these top three qualifications in a public adjuster. 

1. State Licensure

In most states, public adjusters are required by law to obtain a public adjuster license. Keep in mind, though, that the exact requirements will vary by state, and some states participate in what are called reciprocity agreements. This means that a public adjuster doesn’t necessarily have to be licensed in your state to be authorized to work there.

2. Industry Affiliations

Most reputable public adjusters will be affiliated with state or national associations, such as the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters, the Texas Association of Public Adjusters and the Windstorm Insurance Network.

[pullquote]Before hiring a public insurance adjuster, do a little digging on their website. You should be able to find information about their qualifications and affiliations there.[/pullquote]

3. Experience

You wouldn’t hire a plumber with no plumbing experience, just as you shouldn’t hire a public adjuster without insurance adjusting experience. You may be able to find client reviews or testimonials online to help you gauge the experience and success of a particular public adjuster.


What Qualifications Should You Look for in a Public Adjuster?
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What Qualifications Should You Look for in a Public Adjuster?
Curious about the requirements to be a public adjuster? The Insurance Claim Consultants of Tampa, Florida provide some tips on what to look for.
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