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4 Tips to Survive the Insurance Claims Process with Your Sanity Intact

handshake over coffeeIf you need to file an insurance claim, you might be feeling overwhelmed or even downright confused. This process can be a bit daunting, especially if you’ve never had to go through it before. To help you get through the process without losing your mind, here are four must-know insurance claim tips.

1. Document, Document, Document

The more pictures and receipts you have to present with your case, the better off you’ll be. It’s much better to have too many photos than not enough and then end up getting paid less than what you’re owed.

2. Get a Binder to Help You Stay Organized

[pullquote]Before doing any repairs or cleanup, make sure you take plenty of photos.[/pullquote]

Expect to quickly become inundated with piles of paperwork regarding your homeowner or business insurance claim. To help you stay organized and on the ball, get yourself a three-ring binder and dedicate it to your claim.

3. Don’t Sign Anything without Legal Help

Even if you’re working with a friendly representative from your insurance company, don’t feel pressured to sign any documents without talking to your attorney or public adjuster first. This can help you avoid insurance scams and other pitfalls after a major disaster.

4. Consider Hiring a Public Adjuster

The insurance claims process doesn’t have to feel like pulling teeth. When you hire a public adjuster, you get an experienced professional who is not affiliated with your insurance company on your side. He or she can help you through completing and filing your paperwork to get a speedier resolution.


4 Tips to Survive the Insurance Claims Process with Your Sanity Intact
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4 Tips to Survive the Insurance Claims Process with Your Sanity Intact
The Insurance Claim Consultants of Tampa, Florida offer some useful insurance claim tips to help make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible.
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Insurance Claim Consultants
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