Tips: Hiring a Hurricane Michael Insurance Claim Adjuster

hurricane Michael insurance claims adjusterThe sheer number of insurance claims following Hurricane Michael in and around Panama City Beach will inevitably force thousands of property owners to consider hiring a claims adjuster to expedite and maximize their claim settlements… As a result, property owners who consider outside help should consider the following or risk wasting time or the viability of their claims. Here are tips for hiring an independent  Hurricane Michael insurance claim adjuster.

Claim Experience Matters

Nothing is as valuable as experience when it comes to assessing and properly documenting a hurricane insurance claim. So, the independent claim adjuster you hire should have at least 10 years of experience as a FULL- TIME public adjuster. Ask and verify credentials and work history by speaking to past clients.

Existing Clients in Your Area

Ask the insurance claims adjuster if he or she can provide you a list of past and present clients who have hired the public adjuster firm in Panama City Beach or the surrounding area. You don’t want to be the first hurricane Michael claim he or she works on. There are thousands of inexperienced public adjusters who come into a town after a storm like Hurricane Michael and are quick to make an exit without fully resolving claims.

Hurricane Michael insurance claims adjuster

Current public adjuster client, Springfield United Methodist Church in Panama City Beach, FL

Public Adjuster Firm or One Man Show?

It takes a “village” to properly document a hurricane claim. As such, this claim type is complex to document and negotiate. Every person who works your Hurricane Michael claim should have their specialty. An established public adjuster firm will have experienced claim adjusters who specialize in certain parts of the insurance claim process. To that, a front office staff to keep things moving forward.

We encourage you to ask where the firm’s corporate headquarters are located and how many people will be working on your claim. Are the firm’s public adjuster or adjusters located in Panama City Beach? What are their specialties and qualifications? How will you be updated on the progress of your insurance claim? And most important, does each adjuster hold a  public adjuster license that was issued by the state of Florida?

Hurricane Michael Claim? We’re Here 24/7

Insurance Claim Consultants has been a public adjuster firm since 1990. We have served Panama City Beach and Florida’s panhandle since Hurricane Opal in 1995. Our independent claim adjusters have unparalleled experience documenting and negotiating hurricane damage claims.

hurricane Michael insurance claims adjuster

Hurricane Michael public adjuster: Mobile Claims Unit

Whether you call us (we’re available 24/7) or you need us to come to you in our mobile claims unit, this you can count on: Our claim adjusters aggressively pursue every penny you’re entitled collect and we know exactly how to do that. Call us (800) 572-7914

Tips: Hiring a Hurricane Michael Insurance Claims adjuster
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Tips: Hiring a Hurricane Michael Insurance Claims adjuster
Property owners who consider outside help should consider the following or risk wasting time and worse, the viability of their claims. Here are tips for hiring a Hurricane Michael Insurance Claim Adjuster.
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