Storm Damage That May & May Not Be Covered by Insurance

storm damage to houseAfter a major storm, many home and business owners are taken by surprise when their storm damage insurance claim is denied. Unfortunately, not all insurance policies cover every type of damage that might happen to your home or business after a storm. To get a better idea of what your policy may or may not cover, here’s an overview of some of the most common types of storm damage that insurance won’t pick up.

Fallen Trees

Most insurance companies will only cover the cost of damages caused by trees that have fallen onto your home or other structure and the amount is typically limited to under $1,000.

Water Damage

Water damage insurance claims can be tricky. First, most insurance policies do not cover flood damage unless you pay for extra coverage. Secondly, water damage that has gradually occurred over time or due to normal “wear and tear” isn’t likely to be covered.

[pullquote]When dealing with water or storm damage, call in a public insurance adjuster to make sure all covered damaged are settled accurately and in a timely fashion with your insurance company.[/pullquote]

Roof Damage

Roof damage can be another grey area of insurance coverage. If your roof is more than 20 years old, your insurance policy might not cover the cost of repairs, even after a major storm. Make sure you photograph all damages to your roof before making any repairs if you plan to include the costs in your storm damage claim.


Wind damage usually happens in conjunction with a major weather event such as a tornado or a hurricane and is typically covered by insurance. However, the limitations listed above regarding fallen trees, water damage and roof damage may be factored into your final settlement.

Storm Damage That May & May Not Be Covered by Insurance
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Storm Damage That May & May Not Be Covered by Insurance
Looking to file an insurance claim for storm damage? The public adjusters at Insurance Claim Consultants in Florida explain what may and may not be covered.
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