Storm Damage Claims: Under Pay, Delay, Deny

Do you have a storm damage insurance claim that you’ve reported to the insurance company? Don’t be an actuarial statistic. Without a claim expert or public adjuster, many insurance companies depend on any one, if not all, of the under pay, delay, deny or defend tactics to keep settlement proceeds in their bank and out of your pocket.
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In October 2016, Hurricane Matthew pummeled Hilton Head, South Carolina. The hurricane and storm damage effected thousands of homeowners and business owners. The insurance claim juggernaut ensued and quickly thereafter, many claimants sough recourse for their underpaid, denied or delayed insurance claim settlements for storm damage.

So what causes these issues during the insurance claim process? Well let’s talk about three storm damage claims in Hilton Head that our public adjuster firm was hired to represent.

All three claimants were represented by the same insurance company. Per the usual, independent adjusters were sent out by the insurance company to assess each the hurricane insurance claim. Weeks went by without any word, let alone settlements, from the independent adjusters. After waiting far too long and receiving the run around from the insurance company, each client was presented with a damage estimate that appeared drastically low. After more run around from the insurance company and its independent adjusters, suffice to say that each claimant was fed up.

While some people decide to take what’s offered to them and be done with the claim process, these people decided to fight, and fight smart they did. Our public adjuster firm was engaged and our team of storm damage adjusters and loss estimators went to work right away in Hilton Head.

On a high level, our adjusters made the right alliances and worked to accurately assess the actual damages as well as the cost to repair or replace the items with storm damage. These numbers are different and have different applications and outcomes based upon each claimant’s property and policy of insurance. Substantiating, verifying and properly presenting this information gives the insurance company little-to-no wiggle room to further delay, deny or underpay.

This is where the difference is made. This is the work that takes time, dedication and expertise. This is the difference between a full and accurate settlement compared to a sloppy “offer” made by an overworked, under-experienced independent adjuster sent out by the insurance company.

For these 3 claims, the difference meant prompt payments for ALL the undisputed damages and an ADDITIONAL $30,000 – $50,000 storm damage settlement for each claimant. You see, insurance companies are obligated to render prompt payments for undisputed monies even if there are pending disputes on the balance of claims. This is true for storm damage claims, hurricane damage claims, fire insurance claims and all other insured property loss claims.

Getting the settlement you deserve is your right. It’s a shame that insurance companies rely on tactics to delay, deny and underpay claims. This causes unfair financial and emotional stress on claimants who loyally pay premiums and expect a fair and just claims process. But, when you know your rights then you know assistance is available with the help of an experienced public adjuster.

Insurance Claim Consultants employs the most experienced public adjusters with spotless reputations. We passionately pursue claim settlements that our clients deserve.

Do you have a storm damage claim in Hilton Head that you have questions about? Our public adjusters are available 24/7 to answer your questions. Contact us today.

Storm Damage Claims: Under Pay, Delay, Deny
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Storm Damage Claims: Under Pay, Delay, Deny
Without a claim expert on your side, many insurance companies depend on any one of the under pay, delay, deny or defend tactics to keep settlement proceeds in their bank and out of your pocket.
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Insurance Claim Consultants
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