4 Tips to Handle Your Property Insurance Claim Like a Boss

property insurance claimNo matter which way you slice it, having to file a property insurance claim isn’t fun. That said, the process doesn’t have to be a huge headache and a total time suck for you. Follow these four tips for handling your insurance claim like a boss and kicking stress to the curb.

1.Have a Public Adjuster on Your Side

When you file an insurance claim, you have two options: one is to use the insurance adjuster that your insurance company provides and the other is to hire your own public adjuster. Investing in a public adjuster can come along with a variety of benefits, including making sure you’re getting the maximum amount of money you’re owed.

2. Give Your Public Adjuster Receipts and Paperwork

You are going to very quickly build up a stack of receipts and paperwork for your property insurance claim. Keep a copy for yourself, and then hand them over to your public adjuster to keep organized and make sure that everything gets filed as quickly as possible.

3. Document, Document, Document

If you’re filing a property insurance claim, make sure you have plenty of documentation demonstrating relevant structural damage orwater damage, as well as paperwork and other details related to your claim.

[pullquote]Most insurance policies will cover the cost to remove a tree that fell on an insured structure, up to about $1,000.[/pullquote]

4.Keep Track of Communication History

Don’t get lost in a sea of disorganized emails, text messages and phone exchanges. Keep logs of all communication you have with your insurance company, contractors and public adjuster regarding your claim.


4 Tips to Handle Your Property Insurance Claim Like a Boss
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4 Tips to Handle Your Property Insurance Claim Like a Boss
Need some tips to file an insurance claim? Insurance Claim Consultants of Tampa, Florida provide four top tips for a smooth, stress-free process.
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