Sarasota Hotel Owner Hires Public Adjuster to Help with Fire Claim

+ $2,000,000 INCREASE

According to the owner of a hotel in Sarasota, something just didn’t feel right the days after a three-alarm fire caused damage to the property. His insurance company sent out a restoration company to assess the smoke and soot damage to the hotel’s contents. It was suggested that it was unnecessary to hire a public adjuster.

The “experts” from the restoration company determined that the items damaged by smoke and soot should be cleaned, instead of the claimant being given settlement money to buy new items. Feeling something was off with this position, the claimant contacted our public adjuster firm to help with his fire claim.

Our team of adjusters and seasoned claim experts immediately got to work. First up was to regain control of the claim from the insurance company and Restoration Company. This meant a strict policy and agreement from all parties that nothing be removed from the property until our team had a chance to do our own investigation and documentation. After a thorough investigation and properly documenting the claim, the insurance company agreed to pay the claimant more than $2 million to fix and replace the damaged items at his own discretion.

If you suffered fire damage to your home or business then head this advice: do not allow any company to remove damaged items from the property before you consult with a trusted and experienced public adjuster. The decision to restore or replace fire, smoke and soot damaged personal property should be your’ s, not a company.

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