Public Adjuster Increases Daytona Beach Storm Damage Claim by $81,458.03

+ $81,458.03 INCREASE

The remnants of Hurricane Matthew caused significant damage to a beautiful home located in the heart of Daytona Beach Florida. The home owner filed a claim with their insurance company, an extremely well-known carrier in Florida, and was offered only $44,517.81. Knowing the amount was too low to repair their home, they hired our public adjuster to win them a proper settlement.

The storm caused the second story roof to flip back which caused significant damaged. This allowed rain to intrude into the ceiling and floors of the second floor. Water ran through floors to the first floor ceiling and hardwood floors.

After waiting for more than a week for an adjuster to come out, he wrote for a skim coat of plaster on ceilings and a refinish for the wood floors which the property owners were suspect about. They knew the damage of the home was more significant than the adjuster acknowledged.

The claimants contacted our public adjuster firm four weeks after the storm to get a free evaluation of the claim. Once hired, we started our own investigation of the damage. Our inspection found moisture levels so high, it was off the scale of our testing equipment. The floors and ceilings would need to be removed to properly dry out the home.

After much effort the insurance company was forced to reinspect the damages and agree with our appraisal of the insurance claim. Our public adjuster was indeed right and the value of the storm damage more than doubled. Dwelling, contents and additional living expense payments are increased exponentially with our oversight.

If you’ve paid for insurance then it’s your right to be properly and fairly compensated for any covered losses. If you suspect that you’re not getting an accurate settlement, of if you just want to verify the value of your claim then we can help. Our public adjusters are experts winning fair and fast settlements for storm damage claims.

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