Public Adjuster Increases Personal Property Settlement $54,190, Plus More, for Fire Claim in St. Paul, Minnesota

+ $68,370 INCREASE

A husband and wife’s home of 18 years burned down from an electrical fire in St. Paul, Minnesota. According to the insureds, the dwelling and all of the family’s belongings were completely destroyed in the fire. They anticipated to be paid policy limits for all coverages.
The insurance company agreed to pay policy limits for the dwelling – minus the deductible – but the family would have an uphill battle with the contents portion of the claim.

The family created a personal property inventory of all the items that were destroyed in the fire, which exceeded the coverage limit of $104,500. The insurance company’s offer was $50,130 due to disputes over value and depreciation.

We were hired six months after the fire to provide public adjuster services for the disputed personal property claim. We reconstructed the personal property inventory, which included extensive supporting data. The insurance company was forced to render policy limits for the contents claim.

As with all claims we handle, we conducted a thorough review of the entire claim and insurance policy. This particular policy included a provision pertaining to the deducible. The public adjuster felt the provision required the insurance company to deduct the deductible from the total amount of the loss, not payment under the policy.
After meeting with their legal counsel, the insurance company agreed with our adjuster’s interpretation of the policy language. This returned nearly $5,000 to our client.

Lastly, we found an additional $9,000 in coverage due to our client that the insurance company never advised them. This coverage was for debris removal and landscaping related to the fire claim.
Did you know that you could be entitled to up to 35 percent above your policy limits if you’ve suffered a total fire loss?

Insurance adjusters often overlook valuable benefits for which you’re entitled collect. We leverage decades of experience and know just how to navigate the complex fire claim process to win you every penny you’re entitled to collect.

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