Public Insurance Adjuster in Columbia, SC Increases Hurricane Claim by $80,000

+ $80,000 INCREASE

After a home suffered severe hurricane damage a homeowner filed a claim for hurricane damage and was offered only $21,000. Knowing this was low, she hired our public adjuster in Columbia, SC to win her the settlement she knew she deserved.

According to the insured, the claim adjuster from the insurance company was curt and rushed during his initial site visit. He dismissed her directions to inspect parts of the home and was quick to say the damage was pre-existing and would not be included in his estimate for hurricane damage. Three weeks later the homeowner received an offer for $21,000 to repair the damage to her home and contents.

Our public adjuster/hurricane damage adjuster quickly got to work re-assessing and investigating all the damages. After comparing their preliminary investigatory notes with the insurance adjuster’s estimate of hurricane damage, our adjusters knew they’d be able to substantially increase the homeowner’s hurricane claim settlement.

Here are a few items our public adjuster and hurricane damage adjuster found to be completely unaddressed by the insurance adjuster: the entire roof, doors, windows and flooring of the home all needing full replacement per the provisions of the insurance policy and current building codes. A thorough investigation conducted by our adjusters of both the interior and exterior of the home pointed to a plethora of other items that went undervalued or unaddressed by the insurance company.

The result: a total hurricane claim settlement in excess of $100,000; that’s an $80,000+ increase from the insurance company’s original offer tendered to the homeowner. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated incident in Columbia, SC. Our public insurance adjusters see this happen all over the U.S. Often times the adjusters sent out by the insurance company lack the time and/or experience to fully investigate and document the full scope of damage for each claim they handle.

It’s your right to receive an accurate hurricane claim settlement that reflects all the damages sustained to your home or business. Our public adjusters can help.

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