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Insurance Claim Consultants Provide Expert Claim Help & Much More

umbrella-insurance-300x200Insurance Claim Consultants offers expert claim help and comprehensive services tailored to your property insurance needs. Our team of highly qualified public adjusters, damage loss consultants, and other insurance experts are committed to offering the following services:

  • Public adjusting services – We prepare, document, estimate, file, and negotiate your business or home insurance claim to your benefit. We proactively show your insurance company what it owes you and why. This keeps you in control, expedites the claims process, and allows for the largest possible settlement. We provide claim help at any stage, even if a claim must be reopened, has been underpaid or delayed, or was denied.
  • Mediation services – Mediation is a non-binding, prerequisite to litigation. Our mediation specialists present and support the facts of your claim.
  • Appraisal services – The appraisal process should be invoked if and when an impasse arises as to the valuation and scope of a claim. Since the outcome is binding, the decision to invoke the appraisal process is important. We have unsurpassed experience in construction and insurance and can be hired as an external appraiser – or in some states, act as an appraiser on your behalf. We also use the latest thermographic roof inspection technology to ensure the most accurate appraisal possible.
  • Umpiring services – We offer umpiring services in the appraisal process. If you are a business owner or commercial property manager who needs claim help, ask about our specialty services for commercial entities, including thermographic roof inspections, pre-loss analysis, and benchmark reports.

We offer public adjusting, mediation, appraisal, and umpiring services in numerous states. If you need residential or commercial insurance claim help, our team is on call and ready to serve. Experience, continuing education, and the adoption of innovative technology keep us at the forefront of the industry and allow us to substantiate your claim.Meanwhile, a culture of service and advocacy keep us at your side where we support and empower you.

We’re always available. Contact us 24/7 to speak with an experienced public claims adjuster who can help get you a quick and fair property insurance claim settlement.