Public Insurance Adjusters In St. Louis & Throughout Missouri

We Provide Insurance Claim Expertise for $0 Out-of-Pocket

Since 1990, our network of public adjusters and property damage appraisers have helped people like you win quick and accurate property insurance claim settlements. Regardless of where you are currently in the claims process, or even if your claim has been denied, we can help.

Our representation in Missouri costs $0 out of pocket. There are no hidden costs or extra fees. We document the full extent of your claim, handle all the daily claim tasks, communications with the insurance company and negotiations while you focus on rebuilding your life.

We are paid a small percentage of the settlement we negotiate on your behalf. We’re paid only when you are. It’s that simple.

Trust the Leader

  • No Upfront Fees or Hidden Costs
  • No Fee Guarantee (unless we win you a larger settlement)
  • Available 24/7
  • Trusted and Recommended since 1990
  • Free in-person or on-site claim evaluation

Smart Property Owners Use Experienced Public Adjusters

Yes, the insurance claim process is “easy” if you’re willing sit back and accept what the insurance company is willing to offer you. But, in most cases the settlement your insurance company offers will be lower than what they are contractually obligated to pay you based on a comprehensive analysis of your policy, and the specific damages sustained to your property.

If you’ve suffered an insured loss in St. Louis, Independence, Kansas City or any other city in Missouri, you should consider consulting with a reputable and experienced public adjuster to better understand your options and benefits.

We offer FREE claim consultations with licensed claim adjusters for property owners with open, pending and even closed or denied claims. Our consultations are for homeowner insurance claims and business claims and include damage analysis, estimates reviews, claim issues, settlement projections, options and next steps. Schedule one now.

Leverage the Power of an Experienced Public Adjuster

An experienced public adjuster knows exactly how to navigate the complexities of a water damage claim, a fire damage claim or any other insured loss. He or she has the resources, training and contacts to get the claim settled in the fastest way possible. This means a quicker and more accurate settlement for you with no hassle from your insurance company.

If you rely solely on the insurance company adjuster – a paid employee of the insurance company – then any of these common mistakes will result in delays and an inaccurate settlement:

  • Underestimating the scope of damage
  • Missing hidden or hard-to-find damage
  • Misunderstanding policy terms and misapplying benefits
  • Failing to retain experts to substantiate the claim
  • Lacking knowledge of new building code and legislation that can affect the claim.
We are proud of our history of quality service and our proven track record. Take a look at a few of our recent claim settlements and see Why Our Clients Use Us. We are ready now to provide and execute all the tactical elements your claim requires to ensure an accurate and efficient property claim settlement.

Service Areas

Our public adjusters are available to home owners and business owners throughout Missouri, including the following communities:

  • Kansas City
  • St. Louis
  • Springfield
  • Columbia
  • Independence
  • St. Joseph
  • …and many other areas

We are available to you night and day

We understand that questions and emergencies often arise after normal business hours so, we made it easy to get in contact with us 24/7. We look forward to helping you with your property insurance claim needs.