Hail Damage Claim FAQs

What signs should I look for to determine if I should file a claim for hail damage?

Hail damage can be difficult to see. Most often hail does not leave blatant signs of damage to a roof or building. The damage is usually hidden, hard to find or develops over time.

Some obvious signs of hail damage to look for are darkened spots on the roof, knocked off roof granules and loose shingles. If hail is driven by high winds, or lasts for several minutes, hidden damage to the roof’s shingles will start to take place. This results in deterioration of the roof and its life expectancy.

A recent hail storm caused several dents on my roof. As of now the roof is not leaking. Should I file a hail damage claim for what appears to be just cosmetic damages?

The dents and dings on your roof resulted from direct damage caused by an “act of God.” Because so the damage will likely be covered if you file an insurance claim.

If your roof contains composite materials such as asphalt then the hail damage on your roof could likely worsen. The natural elements will eventually wash away the loose asphalt granules which will cause breaches in the roof system. When this happens the hail damage may manifest as leaks.

What qualifications should I look for if I hire a public adjuster to assist me with my hail damage claim?

Like all professions, experience is important. Hail damage can be difficult to document and often weather and diagnostic technology needs to be used. You should hire a public adjuster that uses and has successfully used diagnostic technology in hail damage claims. This could include infrared and thermographic testing, moisture meters and various weather-related services. Public adjusters with significant claim experience, ten years or more, typically will have the resources, expertise and contacts needed to settle hail insurance claims of all sizes and complexity.

I want to handle my hail damage claim on my own. At what point should I seek the services of my own hail damage claim adjuster?

While most policyholders with property insurance claims can benefit from hiring a public adjuster, you need to consult with an adjuster if your insurance company has denied your hail claim, underpaid your claim, treated you in a dismissive manner or offered to repair only a part of your roof.

You could have options even if your claim for hail damage has been delayed, denied or underpaid. We can help.