Flood Insurance Claim FAQs

Is flood damage from wind-driven rain covered under my flood insurance policy?

No. If rain enters through a wind-damaged window or door, or comes through a hole in a wall or roof, then a National Flood Insurance Policy (NFIP) will consider the resulting water damage to be windstorm-related, not flood-related. The flood insurance claim would likely be denied. Damages resulting from wind and/or hail are covered under most homeowners or business insurance policies, not flood insurance.

The flood insurance process is confusing. What items cannot be claimed?

Damage caused by mold or mildew, trees, plants, septic systems, additional living expenses and financial losses related to a business are items that cannot be claimed in the flood insurance claim process.

How can I benefit from hiring my own water and flood insurance claim adjuster?

Flood insurance companies are often inundated after a mass catastrophe. It could takes weeks or months for a claim adjuster to visit your property and make you an offer. Hiring your own flood adjuster- a public adjuster– can speed of the flood insurance claim process and also ensure all your damages are claimed and paid for by the insurance company.

How can I tell what damaged my property—a storm, hurricane or flood?

The answer to that question could require analysis and documentation from experts in insurance, engineering and weather. Simply, flooding can be defined as a short and temporary condition of rising waters. Hurricanes are named storms with wind speeds of 75 MPH or more, and storms are weather disturbances that include rain and wind.

My insurance denied my claim for water damage from a flood but it paid for a claim I had two years ago from a plumbing leak. Am I being penalized for an earlier water damage claim?

These are two different claim types and insurance companies will look at the claims from two different perspectives. Water damage from natural flooding—a flood insurance claim— such as when a river overflows is not covered by a typical homeowner insurance policy and damages would need to be claimed under a National Flood policy. Water damage from a pipe burst, or plumbing leak- a water damage insurance claim– should be claimed under a standard homeowner or business policy.

Will my insurance cover water damage from a flood in the basement?

Maybe. If the water damage in the basement was caused by a burst pipe, sewage overflow or similar then the damages could be claimed under a standard homeowner or business insurance policy.

Often times, insurance companies unjustly and incorrectly deny or underpay flood claims. It’s your right to have your properly investigated and fairly paid. We can help.