Collapse Insurance Coverage FAQs

My insurance company has denied my building collapse claim because the structure has not yet fallen down. Do I wait until the structure collapses or should pay for and start the repairs on my own?

Collapse insurance coverage and claims are extremely difficult to settle on your own, and waiting for a collapse to happen is risky and dangerous. We highly recommend consulting with a public adjuster who has the right resources and contacts to advise you of the best course of action.

Why are building collapse claim so complex?

Insurance companies have changed how they define “collapse” in recent years. Additionally, the cause of the collapse may determine whether or not the loss is covered by insurance or not. If the collapse claim is denied, other portions of the insurance policy may provide coverage for the loss. These claims often require the expertise of structural engineers and other loss consultants to substantiate the cause and extent of the collapse.

The ceiling inside our business suddenly collapsed. The insurance claim adjuster, along with a structural engineer, concluded that the roof was not properly built and that the damages were a result of faulty workmanship. The collapse claim was denied. Can a public adjuster overturn a denial like this?

Since the ceiling “suddenly collapsed” the damage appears to have been sudden and /or accidental. Most standard business and homeowner policies provide coverage for such damages.

A thorough review of the engineer’s findings, insurance policy and the policy language about collapse coverage will enable an experienced public adjuster to determine if the claim is viable or not.

Often times, insurance companies unjustly and incorrectly deny coverage for collapse claims. It’s your right to have your claim re-opened and re-investigated. We can help.