North Carolina Public Adjuster Re-Coups 100% of Estimate for Fire Claim

A 72 unit apartment complex in Winston-Salem, North Carolina caught fire when a tenant left an unattended pot on the stove. The fire spread rapidly despite newer construction and a firewall. The fire damaged twenty-four units. The property owner knew he needed help with the fire claim because of the size and complexity. He hired us and our North Carolina Public Adjuster recouped 100% of his estimate.

He hired Insurance Claim Consultants. Lead public adjuster, Robert, led the team of fire damage specialists. The team quickly assessed the damage and started to compile a comprehensive claim estimate package.

Fire Damage Can be Hidden

The building contained a firewall in the attic system. As a result, there was a large hole that allowed smoke to enter the attic area above many of the units. Therefore, much of the smoke damage was hidden and hard to find at first inspection.

Our fire damage specialists and public adjuster team agreed that all the units affected would require truss cleaning and insulation. In addition, the steel stairs, landings and bricks on the front elevation were also damaged from the fire and needed replacement.

The insurance company sent out their adjuster and he quickly disagreed with our position. The adjuster bid for cheaper materials and non-action on certain damage. However, after good documentation complied by our team, the insurance company paid the full estimate of fire damages. To that, our public adjuster team finished the claim in only 94 days. Industry professionals consider 94 days to be a very efficient timeline to settle a fire damage claim.

In conclusion, you owe it to yourself to hire an advocate if your home or business has suffered fire damage. How materials are priced —for large and small items—can add up to significant discrepancies. In addition, hidden and hard to find damage often go overlooked by most insurance adjusters.

If you need insurance claim help then call us 24/7. Our licensed North Carolina public adjusters are available to talk around around the clock.  We’re available in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and several other states across the U.S.

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