What Is a Public Adjuster?

The Benefits of Utilizing a Public Adjuster

Public Adjuster FloridaWhile you may be familiar with an insurance claim adjuster, you may not realize that policyholder-specific assistance is available from a public adjuster. Insurance company claims adjusters are trained professionals who evaluate claims and decide how much money a covered insurance loss or property damage is worth – from the insurance company’s perspective. A public adjuster is identical with one exception: a public insurance adjuster represents YOU with a goal of obtaining a fair settlement from YOUR PERSPECTIVE.

A public adjuster is the only type of insurance adjuster licensed by your state’s department of insurance to represent you – the policyholder – rather than the insurance company. A public adjuster is not paid up front; they receive a percentage of the settlement that they obtain on your behalf. This is regulated by your state’s department of insurance.

An experienced public adjuster works to:

  • Uphold your rights throughout the property insurance claim process
  • Understand and analyze your insurance policy
  • Accurately and thoroughly estimate the scope of the property damage
  • Apply all policy provisions
  • Negotiate a maximized settlement based on all of the above in a timely and effective manner

If you want an efficient and fair settlement, an experienced public insurance adjuster is a must.

How Insurance Claim Consultants Can Help

Our credentials, expertise, in-depth knowledge of the insurance claims process, and proven track record set us apart. Our public adjusters  understand that insurance policies are difficult for most people to interpret. Whether you’ve recently experienced a loss, are working with your insurance company’s adjuster, have received a lower-than-expected settlement, or have found out that your claim has been denied, we can help.

What is a public Adjuster?

A public adjuster from our firm:

  • Accurately interpret your insurance policy and determine what is covered and what is not.
  • Conduct an in-depth insurance policy analysis.
  • Consider any recent changes in building codes and laws that might supersede the language of the policy, subsequently impacting your claim value.
  • Complete a forensic evaluation of the property damage. This often includes locating and substantiating the source of loss and uncovering hidden and hard-to-find damage.
  • Craft a customized, proactive plan for your property insurance claim.
  • Document the full extent of your loss in industry-accepted format.
  • Compile photographic evidence and expert analysis necessary to support your claim.
  • Handle the daily tasks such as communicating with the insurance company, attending onsite meetings, submitting documents and forms, and so on.
  • Adhere to all duties, conditions, and responsibilities of filing a home or business insurance claim.
  • Present your claims package (along with supporting documentation such as reports, detailed estimates, and professional testimony) to the insurance company.
  • Skillfully negotiate with the insurance company to ensure the largest settlement possible.

How much is your claim really worth? Do you want a claim adjuster who is paid and employed by your insurance company to determine this value? Insurance Claim Consultants and its public adjusters serve as a powerful partner for you. We are here to help homeowners, business owners, and commercial property owners and property managers prepare, document, file, and negotiate settlements related to:

Having represented over policyholders and negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements – including tens of millions in increased settlements from reopened and denied claims – our record speaks for itself. Everything we do is centered on you, for you.

We’re always available. Contact us 24/7 to learn more about how a public adjuster may benefit your property damage claim. Or, learn more about our best insurance claim tips on our company’s YouTube channel.