Condominium Insurance Claim Experts

Are you, or is your condominium association being assessed large amounts of money from a failed insurance claim? Insurance Claim Consultants has unparalleled experience re-documenting, substantiating and negotiating condominium insurance claims that have been denied, delayed and underpaid. In fact, we have a 100% success rate in winning Condominium Associations settlements that were previously delayed, underpaid and even denied.

Who Are We?

We ARE NOT General Contractors. We are NOT Restoration “Specialists.” As a licensed public adjuster firm, we are seasoned experts who ENSURE that every line item of the complex condominium insurance policy is defined, maximized and paid. And, we’re the only professional legally allowed to do such work. So what happens when a general contractor, restoration company or even an agent “handles” a claim? The client is shortchanged. Here’s how:

  • 30%-50% of coverages are used for mitigation and/or demolition, as opposed to repairs!
  • Repair or replacement of door and windows have to be assessed to owners.
  • Damages to the exterior Cladding/siding of high rise buildings are overlooked.
  • Unnecessary items might be sold to the Association

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    Here’s Who We Work With to win Claims

    Board of Directors

    Property Managers

    Condo Associations

    Insurance Agents

    Hurricane Engineers

    …and even Attorneys

    Condo Adjusters Who Can Guide Your Claim to Completion

    With over 75 years of combined experience assessing, documenting and negotiating condo association claims, our team can cover all of your needs.

    With experienced public adjusters, property damage appraisers, hurricane engineers and claim consultants, we have everything it takes to ensure a settlements for your condominium association. If an “expert” has told you that your claim has been denied and there’s nothing that can be done,

    Ronald F. Delo, PA, CEO The Public Adjusters

    Here’s What Other Condo Associations Are Saying About Us

    Finally after nearly one year of frustration and disappointment caused by the insurance company, our nightmare has ended. Our loss is settled and the settlement is in excess of 400% of the insurance company’s offer prior to retaining the services of The Public Adjusters.
    Mr. Mel Goldsmith
    I do not know what we would have done if it had not been for The Public Adjusters. Without your services, we would not have been able to rebuild at all. Thank you for more than doubling our settlement.
    Mr. J.E. Buell

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