Roof Damage Claim FAQs

What are signs I should look for to determine if I have a viable roof damage claim?

Roof damage can be difficult to see and often the signs of damage are hidden, hard to find or develop over time. Some signs to look for are darkened spots on the roof, knocked off roof granules and loose shingles. Also be aware of more noticeable damage such as water spots or stains on walls, in corners or around windows.Insurance company claim adjusters can be quick to deny roof replacements without conducting a thorough investigation.

A recent storm blew off shingles on a section of my roof and more rain is likely in the coming days. Am I required to tarp my roof?

Most, if not all, insurance contracts require claimants to mitigate or prevent further damage. You should take all necessary steps ASAP to prevent further damage to your roof and subsequently the interior of your home. Failing to do so could jeopardize your chances of collecting a settlement for your roof damage claim.

Request a certified copy of your insurance policy from your insurance agent or claim adjuster to learn all of your responsibilities during the insurance claim process.

I have both roof damage and water damage from an old and neglected leaking roof. Will the insurance cover the damage even though the roof was in bad shape?

Your insurance company may accept a claim for water damage but a viable roof damage claim is unlikely. Most insurance contracts contain a wear and tear exclusion as well as maintenance clauses. This means that items at the end of their intended lifecycle, or that have not been properly maintained, cannot be claimed.

A hail storm caused dents on my roof. I’m unsure if the roof damage will lead to leaks in the future. How should I handle filing a claim for roof damage?

If your roof is made of asphalt or similar materials then wind, snow and/or rain will gradually wash away the loosened granules on the roof, subsequently causing it to leak. We would recommend filing a claim with your insurance company ASAP.

My insurance claim for roof damage was denied even though my roof is leaking. I believe this is unfair since the claim adjuster didn’t even get on top of my roof. Can a public adjuster overturn a denied roof claim?

Damage in and around roof systems can begin far from the area that is leaking. This is why it’s imperative the entire roof system be investigated by the insurance company claim adjuster. Get a second opinion from your own roof damage claim adjuster – an experienced public adjuster– if your claim has been denied.

Claim adjusters can incorrectly underpay and deny roof damage insurance claims. It’s your right to have your claim assessed, adjusted and settled in a fair manner. We can help.